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Startup Brews: Networking and fun for local entrepreneurs

Thursday, June 20th 5:30–7:00pm Too often entrepreneurs work in silos. Imagine starting a business in a garage, on a farm, along a river, or at the end of a dirt road. Many Vermonters do...and it can be a very lonely place. But it doesn't have to be... Join Vermont's next generation of entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and like-minded people interested in art, technology, and business who want to learn, teach, make things, start ventures, and meet new people. The next Startup Brews event will be hosted at Arnold Block in Bethel, VT. We'll start with BYOB and then walk over to Babe's Bar to keep the conversation going. Come out of your silo for an evening of networking and fun that will turn your "startup blues" into "startup brews." RSVP at